Attractions of Disneyland Paris

Attractions of Disneyland Paris

Every child dreams of visiting Disneyland at least once in their life, but let’s not forget that adults also like to take part in fun activities and be entertained too, which is just what Disneyland offers. The problem is that for those who outside of America, traveling to the original Disneyland is a very expensive trip. On the other hand, Disneyland Paris can be easily reached by anyone who lives in Europe.

Even if you live in America, it can make a nice change to spend your vacation outside of the country. With Disneyland Paris, you can have the same great Disney experience, but also mix it up with some European culture by taking a day trip or two to nearby places. That is of course, if you can manage to find any spare time, as Disneyland Paris is absolutely packed with things for you to see and do!

It is of little surprise that Disney Paris provides a first class array of hotels and facilities. All budgets are catered for, and you can find just the right hotel to meet your particular tastes. Hotels in Disneyland Paris include the official Disneyland Hotel, which is within the actual grounds of the main site, and the Hotel New York, Newport Bay Club, Hotel Cheyenee and the Sequoia Lodge, which all offer easy access to the fun.

Staying in a Disney hotel is an experience that you will remember for a long time as you can enjoy entertainment and even themed breakfast with your favorite Disney characters! It is easy to get to the theme park as a free Disney shuttle service leaves every 10 minutes from your hotel. Eurodisney also have a themed entertainment district called Disney Village where you can go shopping, visit themed bars, enjoy new cinema releases and even visit the disco.

Another great benefit of the Disneyland Paris park is that over 80% of the attractions are under cover, so you do not have to worry about rain and the French weather spoiling your fun. The rides and attractions at Euro Disney have something to offer for everyone and you can reduce your waiting time when you use the free fastpass service.

Your theme park tickets are valid all day, so you can break your day up just as you please. Even if you exit the theme park, you can return later that day, so long you keep your ticket. It is recommended that you stay at least 2 days in Eurodisney to get around all the attractions, but many families often stay for up to 4 nights as there is so much to do!

So, if you are looking for a fun vacation for all of the family, then give Disneyland Paris some serious consideration. It was built with the purpose of meeting the needs and wishes of children and adults alike, and this is just what it does. You are literally guaranteed to have a good time, and how many other places can you say that about?

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