Boracay beach babes pictures


boracay beach babes pictures

boracay beach babes pictures 1

La Reserve Coffee Shop Front

La Reserve Beach Front


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boracay beach babes pictures 3

La Reserve Beach Front

La Reserve Coffee Shop


The breath-taking Boracay beach babes pictures has made this island one of the Philippine's prime destinations for many travelers the world over especially from cold winter countries. It is located at the northwest tip of Panay and part of Aklan Province about 345 kilometers from Manila but only 54 minutes away from plane. This small island roughly shaped like a dumb-bell is approximately 7 kilometers long and the narrowest part is nearly 1 kilometers wide.

This island paradise is a perfect getaway, you can see Boracay beach babes pictures and its warm crystal blue waters, powdery white sand, lush hilly landscapes, and a palm fringed four kilometers beach, voted the world's best beach by the Australian newspaper the Sun Herald, the BMW Tropical Beach Handbook, The British TV Quick, and Harper's. Visitors commonly refer to Boracay as a breath-taking unbelievably magical island. A paradise set in the virgin South China Seas.

In recent years, various international annual sports events have been added to Boracay's attractions to lure both to local and international tourists, we even take Boracay beach babes pictures. After all, Boracay is not just an ideal place for lovers, honeymooners, and families on vacation but for aqua sports and adventure enthusiasts as well. Over 300 establishments await to pamper the island's guests. A wide range of accommodations are there to choose from - from economy to superior and deluxe. One can choose to stay in rustic cottages or in air-conditioned luxurious villas for Boracay beach babes pictures taking.

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La Reserve Beach Front

La Reserve Beach


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