Kalibo Boracay Island

During your stay in the hotel, there are a lot of activities to do, such as soaking in the sight of the turquoise color of the water and feel the crystal sugary white sand touching your feet. If you feel stress and worn out, there are area in Boracay Island Kalibo, Aklan that is full of massage services where you can have your massage that will rejuvenate and relax your whole body.

La Reserve offers a quaint combination of European first class standard amenities within native motifs. Hot and cold water with cable TV, plus friendly prompt and courteous service makes one feel at home in this French-inspired retreat located just along Boracayís white beach in the center of Boracay near DíMall

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Staying in this hotel means to experience native tropical paradise, where it runs only 30 degrees throughout the entire year. Native huts and cottages are everywhere the island, with coconut leaves swaying and dancing in the background.

La Reserve Boracay Boast of their white sand beach and turquoise blue waters and the island it self. Boracay Island Philippines is a 4km sugary white sand beach and known as one of the finest beach in the Philippines. The surrounding water is shallow and the sand is finer and brighter than most beaches in the archipelago.

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