Measures to Take If Your Door Becomes Stuck

Usually, your key will get stuck in your door at the most unexpected times. If this happens, it will be an almost impossible thing to do to get the key back out. Luckily, there are some techniques that you could apply to retrieve your keys out of your door to fix the lock for it to never happen again. Here are some things to do if this happens to you: 

Jiggle the key 

You can try dislodging the key inside by jiggling it inside the lock. But refrain from pulling too hard because the force can cause the key to be pinned further against the lock. This could make it even harder to retrieve the key out of the lock. You could possibly dislodge the key to make it simpler to remove with a slight movement in various directions. 

Apply spray lubricant 

A key usually gets stuck in the lock of your door since the lock is not lubricated well. If you have a can of spray lubricant, consider to spray some into your lock and then attempt to dislodge the key. For several who don’t have this type of lubricant, this tip won’t be beneficial for them. Spray lubricants are often kept in a garage or a utility closet if they have it at all. If your neighbors are near you, then it would be best to ask them whether they won spray lubricant for you to borrow because you need to have your keys dislodged from the door lock. 

Hold the lock using one of your hands 

You can consider trying to hold the lock using one hand as you unlock it using the other one. As you turn the lock, you need your other hand to stabilize the lock. This could make the right stability and resistance to aid you in getting the key out. Once your hand cannot fit on the lock, you could stabilize it using your finger. 

Apply cold or ice pack 

Applying cold or ice pack to the door key and lock can aid to make the key a lot simpler to dislodge from the lock. This is because the cold helps in contracting the metal in your key by making it a bit smaller and simpler to eliminate. But remember that you must be careful that the ice won’t wet the lock or key. This will most likely work especially if it is hot outside. 

Contact an expert locksmith 

After trying all the tips stated above only to find out that none of them works when it comes to dislodging out the key from your door lock, then take that as a sign that you need to contact an expert locksmith right away for an emergency locksmith service. If you encounter this problem, you won’t only be locked out of your house, the stuck key in your door could make additional security hazards in the future. Contact the Locksmith Melbourne now for more details.